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Microniks is CIT (Certified IPC Trainer) to train the CIS (Certified IPC Specialist) on IPC 610, IPC 620  and IPC J-STD-001 and Space addendum.

Emploi Québec accredited training center. Bill 90 Cert. 0001191

Emploi Québec can pay your training fees read: PACTEEMPLOI_EN_04[1].pdf

Or call your Emploi Québec office: Search for a CLE by proximity or services offered

Call us for reservation. 514 633 6432

Pace PRC 2000 for sale see description here.

More information on PRC2000 at

Contact us for lead free soldering. at

Courses can be done either with no Lead technology

IPC-J-STD-001 / IPC-A-610 standards or MIL-STD or other standards specific to your need. 

1. Training courses for the industry

2. Governmental training projects

3. Unemployment reinsertion training

4. Theoretical training for teachers or industry related professionals

5. Refreshers training, seminars or lectures given in French or English 





RIE : Regroupement de l'industrie Électronique

PACE: Manufacturing best soldering equipment

AIM : Canadian maker of soldering supply

IPC: Industry standard

Sélectron: Used equipment

SurfaceMount Technology Magazine: Magazine SMT

Microelectronics companies in Québec